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Welcome to the Just Christians.Org website. This site is sponsored by the Studebaker Road Church of Christ in Long Beach, California. Sometimes       people ask us why we called our website, "Just Christians." Read More....

Our Bible classes at the building have been put on hold at this time due to the government restrictions.  HOWEVER,  we do have many Bible classes on Zoom.

Adult & College class  (Ezra–Malachi)  4:00PM Sun. (J. P. Flores)
  (Ezra–Malachi)  3:00PM Sun. (Tami Wolfe & Aurora Ramos)
2-3rd grade (Ezra–Malachi) 4:00PM Tue. (Cindy James & Karen Washburn)
    4th grade - middle school  (Ezra–Malachi)  6:00PM Wed. (Francisco Gonzalez Jr.,
          Dean Cochran, Matthew Aguinaga)

High school  (Ezra–Malachi)  6:00PM Wed. (David Klein & Zack Friedlander)
    Ladies (Galatians) 7:00PM Tue. (Tami Wolfe & Carrie Cawthon)

Adult class  (Romans)  7:00PM Wed. (James Ober)
Spanish Adult class  (Ezra–Malachi)   7:00PM Wed.. (Mark Reeves)
    Clase de Adultos en Español (Esdras – Malaquías) 7PM miércoles (Mark Reeves)


For instructions to  be in these zoom classes, contact the teacher of the class in which you want to participate.

David Klein -- daveanna515@hotmail.com

Cindy James -- Cindy700@rocketmail.com
James Ober
-- vwshrek@verizon.net
Francisco Gonzalez Jr. -- gonzalezfrancisco@rocketmail.com

Tami Wolfe -- btwoof@aol.com

J.P. Flores -- jpaulflores@hotmail.com

Mark Reeves -- markhreeves@gmail.com