David Banning

Modern Day Parables

     Sunday (9:50 AM) - The Story Of A Dying Church – Why do churches decline and die?


     Sunday (10:45 AM) - Thomas’ Story – Are we too rigid?


     Sunday (5:30 PM) - Ricky’s Story – How does the son of a preacher end up on death row?


     Monday (7:30 PM) - The Steubenville, Ohio Story – What’s happening to our kids?


     Tuesday (7:30 PM)  - Todd’s Story – Processing our prodigal children


     Wednesday (7:30 PM) - Hayes’ Story – Jesus and the Duck Commander


     Thursday (7:30 PM)  - The Coffee Shop Story – Why do we struggle to teach lost people?


     Friday (7:30 PM) - Carl’s Story – What’s your plan for getting out of here?


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