What Is The Object?


Quiz No. 116


1. These receptacles were used for the heads of the seventy

      sons of Ahab whom Jehu had slain.









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Yesterday's Quiz with the answer:


Quiz No. 115


1.  Part of this tool, falling into the water, was miraculously re-

      covered by a prophet.

2.  Abimelech used this tool when he set fire to the tower of


3. The sound of this tool was not heard in Solomon's temple

      while it was building.

4. Isaiah asks whether this tool shall boast against him that uses


5. John the Baptist used this tool in his picture of coming



Axe.  2 Kings 6:1-7.  Judg. 9:46-49.   1 Kings 6:7.  Isa. 10:15.  Matt. 3:10.


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