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We now have two different correspondence courses that you may take.  The one that we have been offering is the John Hurt series of eight lessons.  They have to be requested and mailed to you to read and take a quiz.  Then you would mail them back to us and we would grade them and send the next lesson out to you. 

There is now a new series called KNOW YOUR BIBLE right here on the webpage consisting of six lessons.  These can be taken by watching a video of each lesson and then taking a quiz on that lesson right online.  You will get the results of your quiz and you can study the questions that you might have missed.  Also, a PDF file is available right online to download with the lesson just as it would be in book form.  That can be filled out and returned to us and we will grade it and return it to you.

So select by clicking on which one you want to take.

John Hurt series of eight lessons.  (course through US mail)

Know Your Bible of six lessons.  (course through this website)