1  One church
  Church of Christ
3  Baptism, A command
  Baptism, Essential
5  Baptism, Puts one into Christ
6  Baptism, A burial
7  Scriptures, Our Standard
8  Scriptures, Old Testament not authority for practice today
9  Doctrines of men forbidden
10  Must Study the Standard
11  Must man do anything to be saved?

12  Hear
13  Believe
14  Repent
15  Confess
16  Be Baptized
17  Live Faithful

18  We walk by Faith
19  Our Faith must be a working faith

20  Remission of sins in Christ
21  Forgiveness of sins in Christ
22  Redemption in Christ
23  Salvation in Christ
24  All Spiritual Blessings in Christ
25  Baptism puts one into Christ where these things are found

26  What name should we wear?
27  What kind of Music is authorized for worship in N.T. church?
28  Why not use Mechanical Instruments of music in worship?
29  Can we justify our practice by 0.T.?

30  Those who believe
31  Those who repent
32  Those who confess

33  Must one be a member of the church?
34  Should all of God's People be united?
35  How does God feel about division?
36  What about calling preachers Reverend and Father?
37  On what day did the early church meet for the Lord's Supper?
38  How often did the early church meet for this worship?
39  Are we justified by "Faith Only?"
40  Can a Child of God fall from Grace?
41  Should Christians keep the Sabbath?
42  Should Christians observe special days such as Easter and Christmas religiously?
43  Has the Kingdom of Christ been established on earth?
44  Is Christ Ruler and King now?
45  All Christians are priests.
46  Are we sinners because of Adam's sin or because of our own sins and wickedness?
47  Do children bear the GUILT of parents' sins?
48  Are we born totally depraved?
49  Is man wholly mortal. or is there an inner man and an outer man?
50  When do we receive the Spirit?
51  Who can pray scripturally? Only those born into God's spiritual family.
52  What must an erring child of God do to be forgiven?